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Q1: Where can I download a user manual or view a tutorial?

SubCue Dataloggers

Q1: I need to suture the SubCue Datalogger to muscle. Is there a recommended way to do this?

  • It is recommended that the two pin socket is sealed with silicone prior to use in liquid environments. You may attach a suture near the socket using this silicone.

Q2: What are the software requirements for the SubCue Dataloggers?

  • The minimum requirements to for the SubCue Datalogger software is a Windows 9x or higher operating system. The computer must have an available COM port to interface with the Datalogger.
  • The software CD has drivers for 32 bit Windows. For 64 bit Windows operating systems  (Vista, Win7, Win8, Win 8.1) and for the latest drivers go to:
  • The Subcue analyzer software runs  in the correct drivers are installed. Copy the “Subcue.exe  file from the CD “software” subdirectory  or above to the desktop and  click on it to execute it.

Q3: Why does a “no device” message come up when the SubCue Datalogger is attached to the cable via the two pins?

  • The SubCue Datalogger requires only 30sec of contact in order for data to be read. When a “no device” message is displayed on the screen the pins may not be making adequate contact with the SubCue. Pushing the pins together should restore required contact between the pins and socket.

Q4: Do I need to calibrate the Dataloggers?

  • SubCue Dataloggers have a resolution of 0.125°C. The Dataloggers are linear over their range of detection (+15°C to +46°C) and will be within +/- 1°C of the absolute temperature. They can be manually calibrated by comparing recordings to an external, traceable, accepted standard or by using the calibration data found on the Program CD.

Q5: Is there a way that I can extend the connector cable?

  • A phone cable can be used to extend the SubCue connector cable. However be aware that extreme cable extensions may result in degradation of data signal.

Q6: What is the minimum recommended animal weight for the SubCue Dataloggers?

  • The SubCue Dataloggers should not be more than 10% of the animal's weight. The volume of the device is the important part.

SubCue Software

Q1: How can I export only data points from the SubCue software into Excel?

  • To remove the °C from data exported into Excel, click on options on the menu bar and deselect "show F/C on temperature".

Q2: How do I read multiple SubCue Dataloggers without having to restart the program each time?

  • In order to read multiple SubCue Dataloggers sequentially, click the "Read Data" button in the mission results tab/screen after connecting to a new SubCue Datalogger.

Q1: What is the warranty for SubCue Dataloggers?

  • SubCue Dataloggers are quality products. SubCue Dataloggers has always replaced any defective product, within 90 days of purchase, as long as the malfunction was not induced by user misuse or abuse. Defective Datalogger will be diagnosed by our laboratories and our decision is final.

Q1: What are the shipping charges?

  • Please order by contacting us at       We can give you delivery times and other information.
  • Shipping in Canada and USA By FedEX. Please contact us for Shipping to all other international locations. Lithium battery Caution
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Money Order, Bank Draft or Direct Transfer
  • Account information for direct money transfers will be provided upon receipt of order

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