SubCue™ Dataloggers are small, reusable temperature recording devices encapsulated in biocompatible silicone. They are appropriate for many research applications, such as internal body temperature recordings in animals.

SubCue Dataloggers are designed for both short and long-term uses. The recording schedule setup is performed using a simplified and easy-to-use software wizard. All standard variables can be programmed, such as delayed start and various recording intervals. Data retrieval is simple and requires only 30 seconds of contact for downloading temperature readings.

They have become larger in the last few years as the number of coatings has increased. They are only available in white silicone.

There are extensive uses for SubCue Dataloggers in research. Some applications include:

Animal Studies:

  • Behavioural Research
  • Physiological and Pathological Responses
  • Circadian Rhythmicity
  • Thermoregulation Studies
  • Fever Studies of Infection
  • Zoological Applications

Pharmaceutical Research Studies:

  • Toxicology
  • Chrono-pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Pathophysiology


Technique Comparisons



SubCue (2014)


One transmitter-one receiver-computer software-computer

Self contained in capsule

Measured Variable(s) Resolution

Temperature and Activity
0.1°C and arbitrary units

Temperature (+15°C to +46°C)

Min Size/Volume

1.4g/1.1cc, 3.5g/1.8cc ,

2.5g/1.5cc….. 4.4g/2.4cc

Battery Life

1.5 month to 6 months, some are battery free

24 to 36 months


Recalibrate on battery change

Linear over lifetime

Sampling constraints

Size of storage drive
< 1 min to unlimited intervals

* 2048 samples (rollover)
1 to 255 min intervals


Other transmitters


Data Viewing


On download

Required Equipment

~ $10,000 receivers, matrices


* Selected Temperature Reading Intervals = Total Time Recorded:
1 min = 1.4 days; 5 min = 7.1 days; 15 min = 21.3 days; 60 min = 85.3 days; 255 min = 362.7 days