SubCue specializes in miniature temperature data loggers for research applications. Our products are an ideal choice for in vivo temperature measurement in small animals. Applications for the SubCue Mini and SubCue Standard units include:

  • Research models where there is a risk of interference to telemetry based tools
  • Research that is activity or mobility based
  • Research that is behaviour or interaction based
  • Contagious disease research requiring containment
  • Group-housed animal studies

Designed and created by researchers to meet research needs, SubCue Dataloggers are reusable and offer a significantly improved product lifetime without sacrificing precision, accuracy or reliability. In addition to an extended battery life and a memory capacity for over 2000 temperature measurements, the start-up costs are minimal when compared to traditional telemetry systems.

The SubCue Advantage:

v      No battery replacement costs

v      No calibration required

v      Reduced experimental errors

v      Reduced animal housing costs

v      Reduced set up time

v      Reduced animal stress



v      Self-contained & biocompatible

v      Easy to use

SubCue Dataloggers are the ideal choice for temperature tracking!


Research Applications & Comparisons